Learning about L.I.F.E.




At the end of each L.I.F.E. session the parents and youth are invited to write an anonymous note giving their feedback to the session.  Sister Kieran says that over the years since she has been facilitating the sessions the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  Listed below are some typical examples of the feedback she has received.


Feedback from Dads



"Hesitant and skeptical at first but found it to be surprisingly enjoyable!"


“It was done in a non-threatening, non-judging way. It was good.”


“It opened discussion with my son.”


“This was a great lesson!”


“Was very well done.”


“Well organized and very relevant for this age group.”


“Gave me the words to continue the talking.”


“It was good to share with my son in a non-threatening way.”


“Very touching…great time together with my child.”


“Allowed breaking the ice with my child.”




Feedback from Sons


“Talking about it with my dad was the best part.”


“Good hearing experiences of others.”


“This setting made it comfortable to talk about some uncomfortable issues.”


“The one-on-one talk with my parent was a very special moment.”


“It is very true.”


“It was good at shedding some light about the true world.”


“I learned a lot in this lesson.”


“Sex isn’t something you just do.”


Feedback from Daughters 


“It makes a lot of sense.”


“I have a new perspective on L.I.F.E.”


“The lesson helped me learn why you should wait."


“It was comfortable. The part about sexual abuse was helpful.”


“A good experience with my mom.”


“Helpful. I will use this whenever I am pressured or curious.”


“The talk with the parents thingy was helpful.”


“I liked being alone with my parent.”


“Sexual abuse, it’s not your fault……”


Feedback from Moms


“Our son talked! He never talks to us…but he talked!”


“Good, open, honest discussions.”


“I think more discussions will follow.”


“Well directed…realistic…infused learning with laughter and reflection.”


“Mature talk to teens.”


“It was very helpful looking at different kinds of relationships.”


“It broke the ice with my son. It was very helpful.”


“Great! Nice to share and laugh. Well done!”


“Helped me reassess my own (relationships) and improve them.”


“We had a good conversation about her relationship with her boyfriend.”


“This gave me strength to continue what I have been doing.”


“This frank discussion will help open up more communication.”


“Outstanding!” “I felt all of it was beneficial.”


“Thanks for giving me this time. We need to make time for this in our busy lives.”


Occasionally she receives feedback from the director of a parish or school that has implemented the L.I.F.E. Program.  The following is a sterling example:


Feedback from a Director of Relgious Education

I got more positive feedback after the L.I.F.E. Program than any other offering. I was a skeptic when you said you get only positive feedback, but that was in fact what happened. From grades Kindergarten through 8th, parents and children alike appreciated the opportunity of opening a dialogue and having a safe place to do it. The materials were easy to use and engaged the attendees. This worked for any parent with any child and when both parents were able to attend, it was even better! Thank you for creating a program that involves parents and that calls us to recognize loving relationships in our lives.