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    Sister Kieran Sawyer, SSND


    Sister Kieran SawyerSister Kieran Sawyer, SSND, is nationally known for her creative work in youth ministry and catechesis. Over the years she has taught religion at all levels of grade and high school, in Catholic schools and in religious education programs, and has presented workshops and programs for religion teachers and youth ministers across the country.


    Sister Kieran is the founder and former director of the TYME OUT Youth Center in Stone Bank, Wisconsin, where for many years she directed retreats and character education programs for teens and pre-teens. Her current ministry includes promoting the Conversations about L.I.F.E. program and offering support to program participants.


    Sister Kieran was honored by the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry as a recipient of the 2006 National Youth Ministry Award.

    Chastity Education / Sexuality Education

    One of Sister Kieran's primary focuses is helping children and teens to understand relationships and sexuality. Central to her teaching is the acronym L.I.F.E., which she uses to explain the distinction between four basic human relationships: Love, as in committed family love; Infatuation, the emotionally exciting experience known as falling-in-love; Friendship, our basic every-day relationships based on respect, trust, and acceptance; and Exploitation, our human propensity to use people rather than respect and love them.

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