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other authors


Listed below are some other authors whose writings have been helpful in developing my understanding of catechesis, character formation, and sexuality education.


Pope John Paul II / Karol Wojtyla


Man and Woman He Created Them: A Theology of the Body,

by John Paul II, Translation, Introduction, and Index by Michael Waldstein, Pauline Books and Media, 2006.  To study this major work of Blessed John Paul II make sure you have this latest translation, which is based on the original Polish manuscripts of a book Karol Wojtyla wrote before he bacame pope.  In my personal study of Theology of the Body, I have found the 128-page introduction by Michael Waldstein to be extremely helpful. 


Love and Responsibility  This very readable book by Father Karol Wojtyla is based on his experience as pastor and friend of young adults when he was a professor of philosophy at the Catholic University of Lublin in Poland.  It was first published in Polish in 1960, and has been republished several times in many languages, most recently in a new English translation by Grzegorz Ignatik, Pauline Books and Media, 2013.


Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality  Every catechist should be familiar with this small document which reflects Pope John Paul's ideas on how children are to be taught about matters of love and sexuality.   Truth and Meaning was produced by the Pontifical Coucil for the Family in 1995, during the early years of Pope John Paul's papacy.  It has the phrase education for love in nearly every paragraph. You can obtain a copy from Pauline Books and Media.   


Dr. Thomas Lickona


Much of my work in the morality education of young people is based on character education principles and processes developed by Dr. Thomas Lickona and his associates at the Center for the 4th and 5th R’s and Institute for Excellence and Ethics. These premier educators have spent years researching the role of parents and teachers in helping children to develop as persons of character, persons who live according to such basic human values as kindness, compassion, truthfulness, honesty, courage, and self-discipline. Their methods present the “how” of virtue formation.


Dr. Lickona has written extensively on the role of character education in helping young people to live the virtue of chastity.


Educating for Character in the Sexual Domain is a major article in which Dr. Lickona explains the role of character formation in helping adolescents to make morally positive decisions in the area of sexuality. 


Ten Essential Virtues, is a brief article outlining the components of sound moral development regarding sexuality.


Daughters in Danger  This  link takes you to the 2014 issue of Excellence and Ethics and several articles on the role of character formation in chastity education.


Leah Perrault

Leah Perrault is an up-and-coming young voice in the field of sexuality education.  A wife and mother, Leah focused her Master's studies on the Theology of the Body and is a frequent speaker to adult and youth groups on Catholic faith, life, and sexuality.  Leah's publications include:


How Far Can We Go?  This small book, written by Leah with colleague Brett Salkeld, is a guide to sex and dating for older teens. 


Theology of the Body for Every Body  In  this book Leah shares her unique perspective on the great work of Pope John Paul II.  She says, "John Paul offers us creative ways to think about our humanity and God's plan for us."


You Tube presentations:  Leah Perrault introduces you to her ideas in two five-minute presentations.  Click below to listen to them.


Living Spirituality in the Body


The God Story Continues in Our Story