Chastity Education / Sexuality Education Materials

List compiled by Sister Kieran Sawyer, SSND

Ascension Press

  • You.  Life,  Love, and the Theology of the Body -- by Brian Butler, Jason Evert, and Crystalina Evert (Ascension 2016) [replaces Theo of the Body for Teens – High School]
    • 10 two-hour sessions
    • Leader’s Guide, Student Book, DVD for each session
  • Theology of the Body for Teens -- Middle School by Brian Butler, Jason Evert, Colin & Aimee MacIver  (Ascension, 2011)
    • 8 two-hour sessions
    • Leader’s Guide, Student Book, DVD for each session     
  • Theology of Her Body / Theology of His Body by Jason Evert (Ascension, 2009)
    • 100-page booklet for teens
  • Chosen -- a high school confirmation program by Chris Stefanick and Ron Bolster (Ascension, 2014)
    • Lesson 16: “Marriage, a Sign of God’s Love”
    • Leader’s Guide, Student Book, DVD talk by Jason Evert


Ave Maria Press (books) and Proud to Protect (online materials)

  • Sex and the Teenager: Choices and Decisions by Sister Kieran Sawyer (Ave Maria press: 1990, 1999, 2008)
    • High School religion text for sophomores, 12 chapters
    • Teacher’s Manual and Student Book
    • Individual units or sessions adaptable for other youth group gatherings and retreats  
  • Learning about L.I.F.E.: Love, Infatuation, Friendship, Exploitation by Kathie Amidei  and Sister Kieran Sawyer (Ave Maria, 2006, OUT OF PRINT, replaced by L.I.F.E. PLUS below)
    • one-hour to two-hour sessions for children with their parents
    • one session each for six age levels, preschool through high school
  • L.I.F.E. Plus, (published online by Proud to Protest, 2010)
    Learning about L.I.F.E. revised to incorporate both chastity education and child protection
    • includes downloadable lesson plans, handouts, and power point slides for each level
    • available in English and Spanish
    • three formats: family, classroom, and home schooling
    • on-line training for facilitators


Baltimore Archdiocese

  • Created to Love by D. Scott Miller and Kristin Witte (2006)
    • Includes catechesis for human sexuality and child protection training for adolescents
    • 4 sessions for teens, 1 session for parents


Chastity Project – Jason and Crystalina Evert

  • Chastity Project (com) is a ministry of Jason and Crystalina Evert that promotes the virtue of chastity through seminars, resources, clubs, and social media.
    • Includes books, DVDs, online Q&A, and much more.


Dynamic Catholic Institute

  • Decision Point -- a high school confirmation program by Matthew Kelly (2014)
    • Session 6: “Relationships”;  Leader  Guide, Student Book, DVD    


Family Honor, Inc

  • Family Honor Parent-Child Chastity Programs by Ann and Robert Nerburn et al
    • Changes and Challenges  -- 2  two-hour sessions for 6th graders with parents
    • Real Love & Real Life --  4  two-hour sessions for 8th graders with parents
    • Leading & Loving” -- parent only sessions for parents of young children
  • Online Course The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality, Love & Family – college-level course which prepares leaders to facilitate Family Honor programs; provides continuing education for parish and ministry leadership
  • Education Resources – books, booklets, CD-Roms, web-based educational information


Life Teen

  • Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Happiness by Joel Stepanek (Life Teen, 2013)
    • 6 session unit for high school youth based on John Paul II’s Theology of the Body;
    • includes curriculum guide, liturgy planning guide, DVD
    • 4 parallel sessions for parents
  • Catholics Love Sex: Human Sexuality / Commandments 6, 9 (Life Teen, 2009)
    • 1 session on sexuality – in Morality Curriculum Guide for middle school youth
  • Gifted: Sixth and Ninth Commandments (Life Teen, 2011)

1 session on Christian purity – in Morality Curriculum Guide for middle school youth


LoveEd:  Raising Kids that are Strong, Smart & Pure 

     (See St. Benedict Press below)


Purely You Education, LLC 

  • Purely You! Growing God’s Way by Suzanne Lewis et al
    • Multi-media lessons for 5th graders with parents
    • Because I Love You, Conversation Guides for parents
    • Physical Growth in Boys DVD; Physical Growth in Girls DVD


RCL / Benziger

  • Family Life Program (RCL/Benziger , 2011)
    • Special K-8 chastity and sexuality program designed to complement the regular religious education curriculum (no high school component)
  • Parent Connection
    • Send-home booklet designed to support parents in their primary role as educators of their children in sexual matters
  • Human Reproduction Booklets A and B
    • Separate booklets so material can be taught at home or in class with parental permission


Respect Incorporated – Coleen Kelly Mast

  • Love and Life – Catholic (Ignatius Press, 1986)
    • 20 lessons for teens, can be taught in home or classroom
  • Sex Respect – public school edition of above (2001)
  • Parent-child workshops for pre-teens and teens with parents (see LoveEd at Saint Benedict Press below)


Ronan, Mary RSN, BSN

  • Loving for Life: A Journey for Families
    • Conversations between parents and children, one evening each for children from
    • 4th grade through high school
  • Sex as God’s Gift
    • Six 25-minute DVD sessions for junior high youth (Vision Video)
    • Leader’s guide and student handouts
  • Raising Your Children in an Ungodly World
    • Book published by Vision Video, 2001


Sadlier, Inc.

  • We Believe Series
    • Chastity component found in each grade-level book:  Grades K-8 only (no high school component)
  • Between You and Your Child: Catholic Values of Human Sexuality for Your Family (2002)
    • A book for parents
  • God’s Own Making: Catholic Values of Human Sexuality (2000, being revised)
    • A supplemental program for Grades 4 to 8


Saint Benedict Press  (

  • LoveEd (2017) Parent-child video-discussion seminars  by Coleen Kelly Mast with Sister Kieran Sawyer
    • DVDs, Facilitator Guide, Student Books, Parent Guide
      • for pre-teen girls with mom
      • for pre-teen boys with dad
      • for young adolescent girls with mom
      • for young adolescent boys with dad
      • for parents of children from ages 2 to 14


Stenzel, Pam

  • The High Cost of Free Love  76 minute DVD for faith-based teen audience (2012)
  • Sex Has a Price Tag: Discussions about Sexuality, Spirituality, and Self Respect (Zondervan, 2003)



  • Small Group Discipleship for Teens: a wide variety of 90 minute online sessions, with DVD, discussion guide, prayer, commitment, and take-home sheet for parents  
  • Units focused on sexuality:
  • True Strength: Manhood (Augustine Institute, 2014)
    • “The Heart of a Man” by Chris Stefanick 
    • “Band of Brothers” by Scott Powell 
  • True Strength: Chastity (Augustine Institute, 2015)
    • “Strength and Discipline” by Jason Evert
    • “Every Man’s Battle” by Matt Fradd
  • True Beauty: Womanhood (Augustine Institute, 2014)
    • “The Heart of a Woman” by Lisa Cotter
    • “Sisterhood” by Sara Swafford
  • True Beauty: Chastity (Augustine Institute, 2015)
    • “Passion and Purity” by Mary Bielski
    • “Broken, Healed, and Holy” by Crystalina Evert
  • Human Sexuality (Augustine Institute, 2014)
    • “God’s Plan” by Jason Evert
    • “Broken Relationships” by Crystalina Evert
    • “Safe Sex?” by Chris Stefanick
    • “Same Sex Attraction” by Jason Evert


Youth Ministry Access

Individual downloadable lesson plans by various authors on many topics, including some related to sexuality education.  Listed here are some of the lessons by Sister Kieran Sawyer:

  • “Virtue: Making One Good Choice after Another” (2016) middle school
  • “The Virtue of Chastity and God’s Gift of Sexuality” (2016) middle school
  • “Character and Chastity” (one session each for middle school and high school)
  • “Growing in Faith” (Three Love Circles)
  • “We Celebrate Family Love and Marriage”
  • “Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships”
  • “My Friendship Quotient”
  • “Theology of the Body for Catechists” article by Kieran Sawyer with Tom East   



BOOKS on Sexuality and Chastity for Youth and Young Adults


God’s Plan for You: Life, Love, Marriage and Sex
by David Hajdul  (Pauline Books and Media, 2006)


How Far Can We Go?  A Catholic Guide to Sex and Dating
by Leah Perrault and Brett Salkeld  (Novalis, 2009)


Pure Manhood
by Jason Evert (Totus Tuus, 2013)


Pure Womanhood

by Crystalina Evert (Totus Tuus, 2013)


Sex and the Teenager: Choices and Decisions (Student Book)

by Sister Kieran Sawyer (Ave Maria press: 1990, 1999, 2008)


Sex, Love, and You:  Making the Right Decision

by Tom and Judy Lickona (Ave Maria Press, 2002)


Sex, Love, or Infatuation: How Can I Really Know?

by Ray E. Short  (Paperback, 1990)